Residential Case Studies:

Know the names of every buyer in your area

before your competition

Residential Case Study #1:

The following results are from the first 21 days of campaign 

Broker's Results:

  • 13 buyer contracts executed (with more pending)

  • $12,000 average commission per sale

  • $156,000 expected revenue


Campaign Details:

  • $1800 ad spend

  • 334 leads generated

  • 21% conversion rate 

  • $5.50 cost per lead (based on ad spend)

Return On Investment:

  • 3,120% (based on ad spend + management fee)

Residential Case Study #2:

This broker already had an established lead generating campaign. We kept the ad message, landing page, and follow up sequence the same.


Cost before he leveraged A.I. and Machine Learning:

  • $2.00 per lead


We provided a target audience of the 3% who were actively looking to buy a home.

Cost after he leveraged A.I. and Machine Learning:

  • $0.70 per lead  

Generated 571 leads in the first 21 days

Find Out If This Is Right For You

Right now, your marketing looks something like this: you’re targeting the entire haystack (zip codes, demographics, etc). Just hoping to find the few needles - the people who actually want to buy a house in the upcoming weeks.


You spend time and money trying to find the right haystack - the right platform and demographic to target.


Then you frantically search to find the needles before your competitors. At the end of the day, there is a whole lot of hay and only a few needles.


Most agents and brokers spend so much time searching through the haystack and trying to beat their competitors that they completely forget about the other 4 forces stealing their profits.   

Your Current Strategy Looks Like This:

You spend time and money targeting the entire haystack trying to beat your competitors. All the while, you're losing profits to 4 other forces.

A Behavior Based Strategy Looks Like This:

Because you're marketing to the needles, not the haystack, your advertising is more efficient. You're only advertising to the people who matter.

And because our targeting is based on real-time behavior, you get to prospects before and more often than your competitors.

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