Your Prospect’s Path To Purchase

By the time prospects engage a new broker or office provider, they’ve already walked a good portion of their path to purchase.

Here’s a sneak peak at what happens before a prospect agrees to a meeting, requests a quote, or schedules a tour.

Aware Stage:

Your prospect is asking, “Do I have a problem?”

Defining Problem:

Your prospect is asking, “How big is my problem?”

Considering Options:

Your prospect is asking, “How can I solve my problems?”

Evaluating Solutions:

Your prospect is asking, “Which solution is best?”

Justifying Decisions:

Your prospect is asking, “Is this really worth doing?”

Selecting Solution:

Your prospect is asking, “What are the terms?”

How can you book more meetings, capture more leads, and schedule more tours?

Most brokers and office providers wait until prospects are at the “Evaluating Solutions” stage.

To book more meetings, capture more leads, and schedule more tours, you have to meet prospects where they are - all along their path to purchase.

Think of the specific questions prospects ask and how you can help them answer those questions.

Let your marketing do the heavy lifting for you by creating marketing collateral that helps prospects decide whether or not they have a problem.

For example: answer specific questions for your ideal prospects ...

Are we overpaying for our space?

Have we outgrown this space?

Do we have too much space?

Are we affected by the upcoming changes in accounting rules?

There a plenty of problems that push prospects into the aware stage.

If you’re the person that helps them define their problem, you have a unique opportunity to carry them through the rest of their buyer’s journey.

You have the opportunity to present marketing collateral that helps business owners grasp the gravity of negotiating leases on their own.

You have the opportunity to educate prospects on all the available options - flexible office space, negotiating a lease renewal, working remotely, etc.

You have the opportunity to put yourself in first position when prospects are ready to evaluate solutions.

When you’re the one educating your prospects, you have the opportunity to set the buying criteria.

You can show how you stack up to your competition, and you’ll be the measuring stick that all rivals are compared to.

And if you’re leveraging technology properly, all of this is happening before a prospect picks up the phone or schedules a meeting.

Keep in mind - once your prospect gets to the Evaluating Solutions stage, they’re looking for the best solution.

In order for you to win the title of “Best Solution,” you need to have unique and authentic value.

That means your offer needs to have a high level of exclusivity (something they can only get from you).

And most importantly, your offer needs to be something that your prospects want in a high interest way.

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